• End User Monitoring

    We provide real device app monitoring to analyse user experience and alert you upon API performance issues.

    api monitoring
  • Observing API Capabilities

    Our monitoring services are crafted to achieve specific goals, being data-driven and cost effective.

    application performance monitoring

MONITORING AS A SERVICE - Maximise your visibility with MaaS

Unisky Technologies provides unparalleled IT monitoring services to businesses of all sizes. With proven expertise in digital transformation, we are one of the fastest-growing monitoring partners in India. We cater robust real user monitoring to the banking sector, online retailers, virtual healthcare service providers and B2B businesses to make the most out of IT investments.

automated testing

Error Detection

Identifying performance issues with an user-driven approach

cloud monitoring

Rapid IT Response

Faster, real-time reporting of errors for instant problem-solving

mobile app monitoring

24/7 Support

End-to-end communication to ensure consistent performance

API Monitoring

Get crucial performance data and alerts to improve your business application productivity to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Deploy behavioural scripts to simulate across your online environments and measure your app performance.

OTP, SMS, Email Monitoring

Keep an eye on your brand-driven OTPs, SMSes and Emails to maximise the security of your business application.

Real-time Captcha Handling

Detect bot activities and generate qualified traffic for your business growth with our captcha handling service in real-time.

URL Sequence Monitoring

Ensure end-to-end verification of multiple pages across your application and achieve operational efficiency.

Application Performance Monitoring

Meet device standards and compliance; identify bugs and potential performance issues with APM services.

Intranet Application Monitoring

Monitor your private and internal enterprise network to identify bottlenecks and overcome operational challenges.

Third Party SLA Monitoring

Never let third party service providers affect your application user experience with our monitoring services.